Code for America, Greater New York City Area

Staff User Experience (UX) Designer, January 2023Present. As a Staff UX designer on the Platform team, I support teams in the Safety Net Innovation Lab by leading the UX design of 2 internal tools used to deploy human-centered digital form services for state governments nationwide, as well as integrate process improvements to the organization's design practice in accessibility and creating public digital forms.

Platform responsibilities


New York City Mayor’s Office for Economic Opportunity, Greater New York City Area

Digital Product Designer, January 2020December 2022 (3 years). I contributed to the management and strategy of 11 products in our portfolio throughout their lifecycle. Beginning with identifying the needs of our product audiences and stakeholders, then market delivery, engagement measurement, and finally, maintenance and iteration on features to ensure impact, scale, and client satisfaction.


Lead Front-end Developer, May 2017January 2020 (2 years 9 months). As a lead front-end developer on the product and technology team, I work with colleagues through direct input and the mentorship of junior staff and fellows to support our portfolio using UI design and full-stack development.


Mentor. I mentored 4 engineering fellows and 1 user experience fellow in a program for emerging designers, product managers, and engineers to gain experience working in local government.

Principle, Digital Product Designer, exp. design

May 2009 – May 2017 (8 years 1 month), Greater New York City Area. I provide digital product design and web development services using design research, brand identity, UX design, UI design, data visualization, and full-stack engineering through my freelance practice.


2016 Design Fellow at the Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood Foundation

June 2016 – October 2016 (5 months), Greater New York City Area. I participated in agile-based research, prototyping, and development sprints to create technology solutions for low-income New Yorkers that address access-to-justice issues in the areas of juvenile justice, foster care, and consumer debt. Led engineering and product design of a non-profit SAAS product, daisydebt.org, that helps financial counselors assert their client’s rights against unlawful debt collection agencies.

Co-founder, Chief Design Technologist at Quadrant.io

May 2014 - December 2015 (1 year 8 months), Greater New York City Area. Lead front-end developer and designer of the core product and marketing site for Quadrant.io, a macro-economic data platform. I designed and developed the brand identity and UI, including macro-economic data visualizations, dashboards, and chart-building tools.

Previous Experience


Linda Tvrdy, 2016 Civil Justice Fellow, Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood Foundation

Worked directly with Devon at Blue Ridge Labs @ Robin Hood Foundation

Devon is a deep thinker who begins from a place of compassion. He meets people where they are, whether that person is a New Yorker City resident helping with user research or a legal academic without much tech experience. He unhesitatingly embraced the complexity of trying to improve access to justice for ordinary people. Without losing sight of that complexity, he designed elegant and practical tools, not to mention beautiful. In addition to being a first-rate designer, Devon also has “mad engineering skills,” to quote one of our teammates. In addition to his professional skill, Devon is the definition of a team player. He preserved team cohesion by keeping us focused on our goals, and he facilitated ideation sessions that brought out the best each of us had to offer. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Dane Vrabac, Founder and CEO, Quadrant.io

Managed Devon at Quadrant.io

Devon is both an exceptional designer and a front-end developer. He’s easy to work with and takes pride in everything he delivers. He’s flexible enough to work with either a fixed set of requirements or a rough idea and make it great.

Joe Toohey, Principal of 2e Creative

Managed Devon at 2e Creative

Devon embodies the individual who is constantly pushing himself to new heights yet has his feet firmly planted in the realities of life and the business of doing intelligent creative. His willingness to tackle any challenge with commitment and dedication to excellence functions as a catalyst to propel any initiative he undertakes to a heightened level. I am confident that one day he will be viewed as a trend leader within the creative industry.