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The Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity works to reduce poverty and increase equity for New York City residents. As a digital product designer and lead user interface (UI) engineer on my team, I supported our portfolio of products on many aspects of their lifecycles, including strategy, scoping, research, development, delivery, and management. Much of the office's focus is to broaden the reach of city-based programs and services that drive down poverty. They do this by engaging other agency stakeholders to collect and standardize up-to-date information on services that provide employment, housing, health, cash assistance, and more. In turn, that information is published formats such as marketing sites, communication materials, open APIs, datasets, and other digital products for New Yorkers. Below are a few products that I worked on with specific project examples for each.

Featured Products

Working NYC

The Working NYC Logo

Role: Lead Digital Product Designer

Working NYC – During the summer of 2020, the Mayor's Office of Workforce Development partnered with our agency to create Working NYC, which helps New Yorkers prepare for and find a job through free job and adult education programs. My primary role on this product was to manage the brand identity and lead the design strategy working closely with the product manager, content strategist, and lead engineer. Featured projects include the product launch, feature development framework, jobs and opportunities content design, and inclusive color schemes.

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Role: Lead Developer and Digital Product Designer

ACCESS NYC – ACCESS NYC is an award winning public benefits platform and has been my primary product assignment at the Mayor's Office for Economic Opportunity. Over the past several years, I have participated in numerous sprints using my expertise in front-end engineering, user interface/experience design, and digital product feature development. Featured projects include our COVID response, UI pattern library, field screener, and development contributions.

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NYCO User Interface (UI) Patterns Framework

NYC Opportunity UI Patterns Framework logo

Role: Lead Developer and Digital Product Designer

NYCO UI Patterns Framework – The Patterns Framework is a collection of tools and principles used to make creating pattern libraries fun for developers, transparent for teams, and sustainable beyond the lifecycle of digital products. I started the framework with support and feedback from my team and our fellows.

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Other projects

NYC Benefits Platform: Screening API

The NYC Benefits Platform: Screening API logo

Role: Digital Product Designer

NYC Benefits Platform: Screening API – This open API enables community-based organizations and civic technologists to build tools to screen their clients for benefit program eligibility using the same rules that govern the screening tool featured on ACCESS NYC. My responsibilities for this product included vendor review and selection for building the API, content UX strategy of the technical documentation, and contributions to the UI design and management of documentation components.

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The Mental Health for All website landing page

Mental Health for All

Role: Lead Front-end Developer and Mentor

I designed and oversaw the engineering of, New York City’s free mental health services resource. Working with the First Ladies' Office, our engineering mentee, and our lead content strategist, I tokenized the marketing campaign’s brand identity and built page templates using our internally maintained UI pattern framework.

Software architecture diagram for the online applications pilot

Online Applications Pilot

Role: Lead Front-end Developer and Mentor

I architected a SAAS-based digital forms solution with Ruby middleware to help City staff collect, submit, and accept rent stabilization applications. I participated in my team's evaluation and procurement of online forms tool, Formstack and integrated ACCESS NYC UI Patterns Library into the form theme. I also oversaw an engineering fellow's development of the minimum viable product and consulted on application security review.

Products from previous roles

Daisy Debt

The Daisy Debt logo

Role: Researcher / Lead Engineer / Designer

I contributed to and advised on the engineering and product design of a non-profit SAAS product,, which helps financial counselors assert their client's rights against unlawful debt collection agencies.

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The Quadrant logo

Role: Co-founder and Lead Engineer / Designer

Lead front-end developer and designer of the core product and marketing site for, a macro-economic data platform. I designed and developed the brand identity and UI, including macro-economic data visualizations, dashboards, and chart-building tools.

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